Should This British Man’s Funny Note Be Enough To Get Him Out Of A Parking Ticket?

Spotted in Liverpool this week, here’s a note left by a merry reveler imploring local traffic wardens, as they’re known in Great Britain, not to ticket his car parked in a one-hour zone after a “Christmas pint with the lads.” To sweeten the deal, he even thoughtfully left a bag of crisps (as chips are known in Great Britain). Let’s be real here, no one leaves their car overnight after having a pint, so it’s safe to assume the streets were that much safer in Liverpool that evening. And apparently the ruse worked, because a source close to the unidentified man confirmed that he did not, in fact, receive a ticket on his car.

It looks like the Christmas spirit is alive and well–in Liverpool, at least. I wouldn’t suggest anyone try this in the United States, because my various dealings with the parking authority suggest they’re much less compassionate.

( Via Liverpool Confidential, h/t Mashable)

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