Funny Pictures Of The Day: Target Is Convinced ‘Call Of Duty’ Players Really Like Doritos

It’s true that gamers come from all walks of life, and that a series that sells enormous numbers doesn’t sell to a homogenous group. I know a guy in his fifties who’s probably got a better K/D ratio than you. Nonetheless, some groups have more marketing appeal than others, as Target demonstrates.

As Reddit has pointed out a few times, Target has a deal where you can get free Doritos when you buy Call Of Duty: Advanced Warfare. Oddly, it’s not a deal limited to the US, either, as you might notice that one of those links goes to Target’s online store in Canada.

Part of this, of course, is the fact that Doritos and Mountain Dew have a points scheme tied to Call of Duty that lets you get DLC for drinking a soda named after moonshine and eating a chip better used as a breadcrumb coating when baking chicken. No, seriously. Try it. It’s amazing, if utterly unhealthy.

But another part is, well, they’ve got the math to back this up. Target is notoriously good at market research, to the point where it’s actually pretty creepy. Then again, there’s a well-known intersection between Call of Duty and another less legal recreational habit, so perhaps the Doritos were getting bought either way. We wonder what kind of two-for-one deals you can get with the game in Colorado…