These Funny Pop Culture Snowmen And Snow Sculptures Are Ready To Take On A New Year

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01.01.15 2 Comments

“It’s no throne of swords, but I tried.” — Katie Scott [via]

Happy New Year, everyone! Last year we recommended ushering in a new year by building funny snowmen or elaborate Calvin and Hobbes inspired snowmen. This year — 2015? How’d that happen? Anybody want to buy a box of inflatable green aliens with “Y2K” written on them? — we have another batch of pop culture and geeky snowmen you could build while totally not lying in bed with a hangover, which is not at all what we’re doing today.

Let’s start with the snowman that broke the internet…

Do you want to build a snowman? [via]

It’s Batman. [via / via]

Ghostbusters snow sculptures photographed by Bugsy.

Ghostbusters snow sculptures photographed by Alex Schaefer.

Jaws photographed by zeptepe.

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