FYI, The CIA Is Monitoring Your Twitter And Facebook

Hey remember that Facebook wall post you made calling for Obama to be impeached for trying to force “Obamacare” down your throat? (YOU KNOW WHO YOU ARE!) Well there’s a good chance the CIA saw that and documented it, you terrorist, according to the AP.

In an anonymous industrial park in Virginia, in an unassuming brick building, the CIA is following tweets — up to 5 million a day. At the agency’s Open Source Center, a team known affectionately as the “vengeful librarians” also pores over Facebook, newspapers, TV news channels, local radio stations, Internet chat rooms — anything overseas that anyone can access and contribute to openly.

Yes, they saw the uprising in Egypt coming; they just didn’t know exactly when revolution might hit, said the center’s director, Doug Naquin.

The center already had “predicted that social media in places like Egypt could be a game-changer and a threat to the regime,” he said in a recent interview with The Associated Press at the center. CIA officials said it was the first such visit by a reporter the agency has ever granted.

The CIA facility was set up in response to a recommendation by the 9/11 Commission, with its first priority to focus on counterterrorism and counterproliferation. But its several hundred analysts — the actual number is classified — track a broad range, from Chinese Internet access to the mood on the street in Pakistan.

While this is probably disturbing to a lot of people, I actually find it kind of funny — particularly because I imagine some government drone sitting in a dark room reading stuff like this flashing across their computer screen…

I guess it’s not a bad gig if you can get one, right?