Don’t Believe This So-Called ‘Game Of Thrones’ Blooper That’s Floating Around On Twitter

An image from last week’s Game of Thrones is making its way around online, and — if it were to be believed — sounds like the second coming of the Downton Abbey water bottle incident. The so-called “blooper” in question comes from the episode “The Door,” during the scene when Sansa confronts Littlefinger over that tiny little thing of arranging for her to be married to a sadistic sociopath rapist baby-killing murderer (possibly revealing some super not good news in the process).

The image started making the rounds on Twitter over the weekend, which shows what appears to be a modern day wristwatch sticking out of actor Aidan Gillen’s sleeve.

A writer for the Metro points out that she went back and watched the scene in question and couldn’t spot the blunder, and that’s probably because it didn’t happen. The image seems to have come directly from an HBO promotional still, in which Gillen’s left hand wasn’t even showing.

Nice try, Internet tricksters, but you’ll have to get up a little bit earlier in the morning to pull one over on us. In other words, if you happen to catch an image online of Daenerys wearing a Fitbit, don’t be so quick to point fingers.

(Via UK Metro)