You Can Go Down A ‘Game Of Thrones’ Rabbit Hole By Asking A Smart Aleck A.I. Questions With ‘GoTBot’

Are you the biggest Game of Thrones fan you know? Are you the only Game of Thrones fan you know? (Impossible.) Maybe your friends and family just aren’t into talking about the layered history of Westeros, and you long for someone to converse with (entirely possible). Who else knows exactly why Robert’s Rebellion started, and why the Targaryan’s sent the whole of Westeros down a dark path with a simple blue winter rose?

If you’re all alone in this world of dark fantasy, then why not turn to an AI friend? GoTBot is a Facebook Messenger chatbot that you can talk to while catching up on the show, or just when you’re feeling like no one wants to discuss the finer points of Dothraki tribal politics on the message boards. You can try it for yourself here.

This is my brief, yet fascinating discussion with GotBot. I started with a softball question of “Hodor?” Then it organically moved on from there. Things got a little deep, but I came out on the other side right back where I started, which just felt right.

Then I stepped it up a notch, but the GoTBot was clever in sidestepping the answer (it knows):

(Via Mashable)