This Guy’s Mean ‘Game Of Thrones’ Spoiler Prank On His Girlfriend Backfired Right In His Face

Ever since season five of Game of Thrones finished airing last June, it’s been like walking a damn tightrope to discuss the show (and Jon Snow’s fate, endlessly) without accidentally revealing any spoilers to those who aren’t caught up. But what about those who are like, far behind on the series? It must be like walking in a minefield to so much as glance at a cover of Entertainment Weekly.

One brave man revealed on Reddit’s TIFU that he just started binging the series with his girlfriend, and although he’s all caught up, everything is still brand-new to her. It’s got to be difficult enough in the first place to rewatch everything without letting any spoilers slip, but homeboy Spaceman Stan decided to go the opposite route by playing the most cruel prank on his unwitting girlfriend.

I’ll just let him tell it:

Last night we got to through the eighth episode before we called it a night. When her and I went to bed she was asking a lot of questions about the lore and the story and which characters were aligned with who. Then I asked her who she thought would be the next person to die in the show? She told me she didn’t care who died as long as Ned Stark survived through the series. I thought it would be funny at this point to convince her that Ned actually does end up staying alive through the show. She goes to sleep, content her favorite character wouldn’t suffer a brutal death.

Hmm! What could go wrong there?

We’re watching the ninth episode of the show, and we’re coming up on the scene where Ned Stark gets beheaded by Joffrey. I’m staying pretty calm and collected at this point but I keep glancing at my girlfriend and I can see she’s a bit confused as to why Ned is being paraded around in front of everyone.

If you’ve seen the show you know that shortly after Ned’s confession, he gets beheaded anyways and the episode ends there.

Well the credits are rolling and my girlfriend starts sounding really concerned, and she keeps asking, “Is he really dead?” I’m telling her that yes he is in fact, now dead.

Well after a few seconds she bursts out in tears and starts calling me a liar. I, for some odd reason, thought that was absolutely hilarious and burst out laughing.

So here we are on the couch. She’s crying because her favorite character is now dead (after I convinced her he’d live throughout the show), and I’m laughing uncontrollably while she’s crying.

For what it’s worth, Stan says that he and his girlfriend eventually made up and that she was able to laugh about it. Although he admits that he “was a bit of an ass.” Uh, YOU THINK? You’d be a “bit of an ass” to tell a child that Simba’s dad lives in The Lion King. Only a straight up monster would joke about Ned Stark.

(Via Reddit)