George Lucas Can’t Stop Crapping All Over Star Wars And Its Fans

08.31.11 3 Comments

There’s a rumor floating around the internet that has Star Wars fans whipped into what may be the frothiest George Lucas hate-frenzy in the history of frothy George Lucas hat- frenzies: Among the changes Lucas made to the soon-to-be-released Star Wars original trilogy on Blu-ray is adding Vader screaming “Nooooooo!” as he tosses the Emperor to his death for electrocuting Luke in Return of the Jedi. Yeah.

As you may recall, Darth Vadar screaming “Nooooooo!” in Revenge of the Sith has been one of the most roundly mocked and ridiculed things on the internet in the history of the internet. There are even multiple websites solely devoted to allowing users to play the audio clip at will. iO9 appears to have made the discovery, and BadAss Digest claims to have confirmed it. An of course, a Star Wars fan took the original video and added in the audio from the infamous “Nooooooo!” from Sith to give everyone a preview of the coming horror.

I think this proves once and for all that George Lucas sits at the right hand of Satan. But we probably should have already known that.

(HT: Drew Magary)

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