Shady GOP Rep George Santos (If That Even Is His Real Name…) Apparently Lied About His Mom Being Killed On 9/11, Too

The lies keep rolling in for newly elected GOP congressman George Santos. While the embattled politician has confessed to embellishing his resume and come clean that he does not have a college degree nor did he work at Goldman Sachs, there are still a multitude of fibs being unearthed. It’s so bad that the Feds are investigating Santos’ shady finances, which based on everything so far, probably won’t go well for him.

In this latest whopper to be unearthed, Santos appears to have lied about his mom being killed during the 9/11 attacks. According to screencaps and tweets that are still active on Santos’ account as of this writing, the incoming GOP rep told a Twitter user in July 2021 that his mother died when the South Tower was struck. Five months later, he told another Twitter user that she died of cancer in 2016.

Here are the screencaps, which went viral after being shared by Tyler Dinnuci:

And here are the original tweets from Santos:

British user Paul Lomax also noticed Santos’ campaign website uses some interesting wording. Namely that he claims his mother died a “few years” after the 9/11 attack. It was 15 years.

As for how the GOP is responding to Santos’ seemingly endless stream of lies, they’ve been mostly silent. However, there has been some movement. In a surprising twist, Tulsi Gabbard nailed Santos to the wall while filling in for Tucker Carlson. This move earned her the ire of Marjorie Taylor Greene, who so far, has been the only Republican to push back on the media uncovering Santos’ treasure trove of falsehoods albeit after he was elected. Really dropped the ball there, guys.

(Via Tyler Dinucci on Twitter)