And Just Like That, George Santos Is Under Criminal Investigation For Lying About, Well, Almost Everything

When GOP candidate George Santos won a right-leaning-ish area of eastern New York City and Long Island, no one much batted an eye. But over the last week and change, he’s become a household name. The incoming representative was accused of lying about his job history, his livelihood, his heritage, and much else. He even admitted as such. Now, mere weeks before he’s set to be sworn into Congress, he’s under federal investigation.

As per Mediaite, investigators in Nassau County, New York have launched an investigation into Santos’ false statements and dodgy allegations. Among his tall tales was that he worked at the financial groups Citigroup and Goldman Sachs. (He didn’t.) He also lied about his education, his residences, even that he’s Jewish. (He later stated that he meant he’s “Jew-ish.”)

Santos’ attempts to clear his name, or at least spin his dishonesty, have not gone well so far. Even when he made an appearance by a presumably friendly Fox News, he wound up being grilled by Tucker Carlson sit-in (and former Democrat) Tulsi Gabbard. She did not hurl softballs his way, instead holding his feet over the fire. Her merciless interview didn’t prompt much GOP backlash, apart from some predictably aggro words from Marjorie Taylor Greene, who seems less angry Santos lied than that he was held accountable.

(Via Mediaite)