George Santos, Who Is Under A Mess Of Investigations, Seriously Complained On The House Floor About A ‘Major Uptick In Crime’

On Tuesday, George Santos did the right thing: He stepped down from two House committees to which he’d been assigned. Why? Because he’s the subject of a slew of investigations into his campaign and personal finances. And yet hours later he was on the House floor, complaining about a “major uptick in crime” happening in his district.

“I rise today to honor the brave men and women of the Nassau County Police Department,” said Santos, who’s being investigated at both the federal and state level. “Last week the Nassau P.D. arrested eight men in New York’s third congressional district who are said to be part of an organized theft group from South America. While I’m grateful for their ongoing commitment to preventing these acts of violence, but [sic] for suburban New Yorkers in New York’s third congressional district, we are seeing a major uptick in crime.”

Santos — who has been accused of misleading voters by lying about, well, almost everything, and whose campaign finances are a hot mess — complaining about a rise in crime inspired a ton of jokes.

When Santos is done looking into organized crime in his district, maybe he can go after the guy who allegedly received donations from people who don’t even exist.

(Via Mediaite)