In Yet Another Wacky Twist, Shady George Santos Allegedly Received Donations From People Who Don’t Even Exist

Just when you think there can’t be any more wild, weird allegations about George Santos, yet another one crops up. A new report from Mother Jones reveals that the freshman GOP representative — already busted for lying about being Jewish and even his mother’s death, among plenty of other weird whoppers — received donations from nonexistent people:

In September 2020, George Santos’ congressional campaign reported that Victoria and Jonathan Regor had each contributed $2,800—the maximum amount—to his first bid for a House seat. Their listed address was 45 New Mexico Street in Jackson Township, New Jersey.

A search of various databases reveals no one in the United States named Victoria or Jonathan Regor. Moreover, there is nobody by any name living at 45 New Mexico Street in Jackson. That address doesn’t exist. There is a New Mexico Street in Jackson, but the numbers end in the 20s, according to Google Maps and a resident of the street.

If that wasn’t enough, Mother Jones reports there were more supposed donors they couldn’t identify. One was named Stephen Berger:

Santos’ 2020 campaign finance reports also list a donor named Stephen Berger as a $2,500 donor and said he was a retiree who lived on Brandt Road in Brawley, California. But a spokesperson for William Brandt, a prominent rancher and Republican donor, tells Mother Jones that Brandt has lived at that address for at least 20 years and “neither he or his wife (the only other occupant [at the Brandt Road home]) have made any donations to George Santos. He does not know Stephen Berger nor has Stephen Berger ever lived at…Brandt Road.”

Is it illegal to make contributions under a false name? It sure is! Indeed, the report claims that of the $338,000 Santos raised, more than $30,000 comes from donors whose identities cannot be revealed.

But hey, at least Santos provides cheap donuts to the many reporters trying to get to the bottom of his many lies.

(Via Mother Jones)