Geraldo Rivrera Once Again Broke From The Fox News Party Line To Promote Gun Control: ‘Shame On The Second Amendment!’

Over the last few years, a new Geraldo Rivera has emerged: one not afraid to break the Fox News party line and spout beliefs that make him sound like part of the resistance. He wasn’t afraid to call out Trump’s voter fraud BS. And he hasn’t been afraid to express concern over gun control following mass shootings. After the tragedy in Nashville, which has inspired the usual inaction from the GOP, he was no different.

As per Mediaite, Rivera was a guest on Tuesday’s installment of The Story, where he had it out with Brian Kilmeade, who was horrified that people are once more talking about restricting access to assault-style weapons after a bunch of people were senselessly murdered by them.

“Here we are again,” Kilmeade cried. “And within minutes, we’re hearing about, ‘The guns are the problem, assault weapons. Go to your corner and let’s play politics before we even knew the facts.’”

He went on: “For you to have seven guns and be that obviously unhinged and unbalanced and have these murderous capabilities and you’re gonna allow these people out and about, I really don’t think we should be debating gun laws.”

Rivera butted in to say he disagreed. “What about Tennessee, with the constitutional carry [law]. This person could legally assemble that arsenal of seven weapons, including two AR-15s and a sawed-off shotgun,” he said. “If the Second Amendment shines on this person accumulating that arsenal, then shame on the Second Amendment!”

Kilmeade then expressed concern over all the responsible gun owners who might have to forfeit assault-style weapons that can mow down many people in seconds. Rivera simply reminded him, “There’s been 130 mass shootings this year, Brian.”

Kilmeade then tried to blame the parents of the Nashville shooter, claiming it shouldn’t be the fault of “legal gun owners,” even though the latest shooter was a legal gun owner. But Rivera had another idea of who to blame.

“How about the gun store salesperson,” Rivera saud. “If you’re going to the shop and you’re buying an AR-15 and then the next day another AR-15, then the sawn-off shotgun, then the pistols. At some point, there is a responsibility. These are not cartons of milk you’re selling. These are weapons of destruction.”

Rivera added, “We need to wake up as a nation.”

So kudos, once again, to Geraldo Rivera for being brave enough to praise gun control on Fox News. Of course every now and then he still spouts nonsense, as if to make sure he keeps getting invited back.

You can watch the exchange over at Mediaite.