Ghislaine Maxwell Has Reportedly Been Nicknamed ‘Prison Karen’ Due To Her Endless Whining About Life Behind Bars

Ghislaine Maxwell has earned the nickname “Prison Karen” after filing over 400 complaints while serving time on her 20-year sentence.

The right-hand woman to convicted sex offender Jeffrey Epstein, Maxwell was found guilty of child sex trafficking and sentenced in June of 2022. She’s since been doing her time at a low-security women’s prison in Florida. But, according to insiders, even the cushiest of lock-ups just doesn’t meet the London socialite’s high standards. The Daily Mail reports that Maxwell has lodged complaints over practically every element of prison life — from the food to the treatment by her guards to the lack of haircare products. In fact, her biggest gripe recently stems from the facility’s refusal to provide black hair dye so that Maxwell can cover up her grays.

“She complains about the food, the bedding, when they cancel temple because of bad weather or are late setting up her legal calls,” a source revealed. “The latest battle is over hair dye. Maxwell hates her gray showing through and she’s filed a grievance because they don’t sell it anymore. When she did her video interview with British TV she paid another inmate $200 for the dye.”

Epstein’s partner in crime is also peeved with the lack of vegan meal options and a “rude” laundry lady she apparently has beef with. According to the source, Maxwell’s Big “Speak To The Manager” Energy is all part of her plan to get reassigned. Despite having it easy in the Florida facility, Maxwell hopes that by constantly complaining to prison officials, she’ll cause such a headache that they’ll have no choice but to move her elsewhere.

Let’s hope it’s somewhere even less accommodating.

(Via RawStory)