Google Maps Is Turning Your City Into A Giant Game Of Pac-Man

April Fool’s Day has arrived a little early, thanks to Google Maps, which has been reconfigured so that you can zoom in on your town, and unleash a giant yellow glutton onto its streets.

It’s actually pretty simple. Just find a location with a lot of streets on Google Maps, and click on the Pac-Man button in the lower left-hand corner. This isn’t the first time Google has turned Maps into a video game, or the first time Google has committed ridiculous amounts of attention to their pranks, and it continues the company’s ongoing obsession with Pac-Man. In 2010, their Pac-Man Google doodle cost $120 million in productivity.

Now, if Google’s self-driving car shows up painted yellow, we’ll know it’s gone too far. But in the meantime, enjoy eating dots.

Source: Google