Google And Netflix Are Teaming Up Against The FCC’s Net Neutrality Plan

05.01.14 4 years ago 5 Comments

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Here is a quick run-down of what Net Neutrality is: Net Neutrality is basically the idea that service providers like Comcast and governments should treat all the data on the internet equally. They shouldn’t be able to charge a person differently for content and all things in between. It’s complicated, and that’s the point. That’s why new laws are proposed like SOPA to try and confuse people to get a bill passed. But, thankfully, huge entities like Netflix and Google are stepping up to stop it.

“officials inside the companies who follow government policy say they are considering mobilizing a grass-roots campaign to rally public opinion around the idea that the Internet’s pipes should be equally open for all.”

Grassroots, huh? When you’re a multi-billion dollar company, you’d think that something bigger than a grassroots campaign would be in the cards. If Google wanted to, they could just act like a gigantic baby and shut down all of their stuff until they get what they want. Or even label every website as Malware. It happened before, and people went nuts all over the world for 40 minutes.

If Google shut down, it would probably shut down the entire world. I don’t think humanity has a John Connor willing to go up against Google. They have so many lawyers. and you can’t even Google search strategies to stop them.

(Wall Street Journal Via BGR)

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