The GOP Released Their Healthcare Plan And The Internet Went Wild With ‘Comparisons’ To Obamacare

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On Monday night, the GOP finally released their proposed Obamacare replacement plan, which more or less rolls back some of the most important parts of the Affordable Care Act (requiring health insurers to cover pregnancy and prescription drugs are just a few examples) and replacing those things with…features that are not quite as helpful. The GOP’s new features include breaks available for the ultra-rich CEO’s that benefit off some changes, and implementing penalties that would most likely harm the most in need of a forgiving and flexible “insurance for everyone” plan.

Twitter saw right through such tactics though, and shortly after the release of the plan the internet was alive with the sound of meme’ing. (The proposed plan was also mysteriously hidden from Democratic representatives for days on end in the lead up to the release, but that’s a completely different issue.) Dozens upon dozens of “comparisons” were posted to make clear the difference between Obamacare and the GOP’s new healthcare designs. The memes included pop culture, music, and sports comparisons but one thing is for sure after viewing them all: the GOP’s new plan might look like the Affordable Care Act in many ways, but even with all the similarities it can’t measure up to Obama’s law.

At least to much of the public, anyway.