'Gosling And Booker' Is The Web Comic Series The Internet's Been Begging For

Back in April, the Internet went crazy for two public figures who performed selfless, heroic acts that resulted in saved lives. The first act came courtesy of our beloved Ryan “Baby Goose” Gosling, who noticed that a girl was texting away as she was about to be splattered by a New York City taxi. Gosling grabbed the girl and pulled her from the street as the cab passed and everyone around the scene marveled at how simply amazing he is… *stares off into the distance, puts on gold scorpion jacket*
A week later, Newark mayor Cory Booker was labeled a hero when he rushed into a burning house to rescue his neighbor. Booker was already branded as some sort of radical, heroic idealist for intentionally living in a run-down area in order to inspire people living in poverty to strive for better lives. There’s certainly no better way to inspire than by saving someone’s life.
So now we have two heroes — but how do we keep them from becoming just another forgotten heartwarming story like Ted Williams, the man with the golden voice, or Rachel Bilson’s ice cream commercials? Writers Mike Drucker and Sean Crespo, as well as artist Corey Pandolph, had the perfect answer to that – a web comic. “Gosling and Booker” is my new favorite thing not named Kate Upton on the Internet, and I pray that they never stop posting new adventures.