‘Grand Theft Auto V’ Roundup: Trevor’s Voice Actor Curses Out A Fan, Plus Mythbusters Episode 4

A new episode of Grand Theft Auto V Mythbusters is out. This one poses another set of imperative questions. Can a running fire hydrant detonate sticky bombs? How safe are the motorcycle helmets? Can you kill yourself and an innocent bystander with the same bullet? How do you save a burning car? Can you use a helicopter to hijack a 747? WHY?

And of course it would be Trevor committing the most mayhem in this video. The only thing that would make it better is a Morgan Freeman narration.

Even better, the actor who voices Trevor — Steven Ogg — cursed out a fan (by the fan’s request) at Grand Theft Auto V‘s New York Comic-Con panel last weekend. The fan was unfortunately struck by Vertical Video Syndrome, but we can at least get a small, poorly-filmed glimpse at a real-life Trevor making a fan’s dream come true. NSFW language, obviously.

(Sources: Tastefully Offensive and Crave Online. Banner image via Rockstar Games.)