Greg Gutfeld Bizarrely Thinks The Omicron Variant Is ‘Actually Good News… It’s Nature’s Vaccine’

Greg Gutfeld (!) is not a doctor, nor does he play one on TV. But that doesn’t mean he won’t happily spout off random thoughts about the new, and very troubling, omicron variant as if they’re facts. Which is exactly what he did during Monday’s episode of The Five, when he compared COVID variants to an unwanted house guest who overstays their welcome… because that’s exactly what a virus that has killed more than 5.2 million people around the world is like, right?

“This new variant fear is wearing off on the American public,” Gutfeld declared. “It’s like a deadbeat relative that says it’s going to stay for a couple of days and it’s now going on months. We’re ready. We’re done.” As if we have a choice about what the virus will do next. And this is where Gutfeld’s diatribe took a particularly dangerous detour.

“This is actually good news. When you have a mild variant that’s contagious, basically what that is, it’s nature’s vaccine, right? You’re giving everybody antibodies. You might get mildly sick, you probably won’t get sick. Nature is providing the solution to its own problem. This is why we champion natural immunity. So I’m really sick of the word ‘bracing,’ right? We’re always bracing for something: We’re bracing for riots, we’re bracing for hurricanes, we’re bracing for a new variant. What if we, as the media, just stopped bracing for things and just explained it as factually as possible.”

Sounds like a great idea, Greg—you can start.

The truth of the matter is that omicron is still new enough that even the experts don’t know much about it, including whether it is more easily transmissible than previous COVID variants, the severity of infection it might cause, or how it might impact those of us who have already been vaccinated. Which means that Gutfeld is talking about of his a**, perhaps even more than usual.