Warners Wants To Reboot Gremlins. Of Course.

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01.17.13 4 Comments

A few years ago we heard about a third Gremlins movie in development (in 3D, of course). Now Vulture reports Warner is once again negotiating with Steven Spielberg’s Amblin Entertainment to reboot the ’80s franchise. Spielberg produced and Joe Dante directed the original Gremlins (1984). Vulture cites the high cost of buying the rights as a reason we’ve been saved from a remake so far. They say “don’t hold your breath” about current negotiations.

We also wonder if Joe Dante would be involved in any remake or sequel:

Back in 2010 [Joe Dante] played down the notion of a sequel, but at the time seemed to think some kind of reboot was inevitable. “I’m sure it’ll happen. It’s too valuable a title to not get the remake treatment. I think it will be a remake rather than a sequel. I think they’ll start over and do a remake or a sequel,” he said. [The Playlist]

I just can’t see any remake of Gremlins being as darkly funny as the original. It was like a time capsule of ’80s horror comedy done right. And if the Gremlins end up being CGI instead of amusing puppets, I’m laying waste to a picturesque village on Christmas. Furthermore, will there be a Hulk Hogan cameo? Perhaps he can appear at the end of the movie to reassure us there won’t be any more remakes. “Sorry, folks. It wont happen again.”

[Thanks to Jean-Ralphio Ben Schwartz for the inset picture.]

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