‘Grim Fandango’ Will Be Upgraded For PCs, As Well

Good news, younger gamers! If you were worried you’d have to buy a $400 console to play a video game us decrepit older gamers insist is one of the best games ever made, Grim Fandango, you’ll just need a PC instead! Xbox users, you’re still screwed. Sorry.

Double Fine has confirmed via Twitter that in addition to the PlayStation 4 and Vita ports of the game, they’ll also be putting out an edition for Windows, Mac, and Linux. True, we don’t know anything about pricing, or availability, or anything else, but hey, at least most people can play it!

For those unfamiliar, Grim Fandango follows Manny Calavera, a Grim Reaper/travel agent working off his debt who uncovers corruption in the Department of Death. Finding just who’s selling souls up the river and why will take four years and a lot of puzzle solving in a game that pays tribute to classic 1940s noir, just with, you know, dead people. It’s the Citizen Kane of adventure games, both in the sense that it revolutionized the genre and is a stunning artistic achievement…and that it sank like a rock despite decent sales and has been almost impossible to find before passionate fans revived it. In fact, it’s blamed for killing the whole adventure game genre.

Legally speaking, in fact, you can’t play it right now; it’s never seen a release after its original debut, so you’d have to find the discs, currently on eBay for $55, and go through some technical hoops to convince the game your computer really is from 1997 and you’re not just faking it. So a re-release, especially one with some upgraded graphics and possibly even some new content, is a pretty big deal. Hopefully everyone still smokes.

Unless you own an XBox. So, um, Crackdown 3 looks pretty good!