Get Off The Internet, Grumpy Cat. Grumpy Dog Is Your New Rival.

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07.30.15 3 Comments

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Sunday funday!

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The Grumpy Cat trend has run its course after the feline of doom frowned all the way to the bank. Now it’s time for a new cat to take over the melancholic honors. Let’s make that a new dog, shall we?

Earl the Grumpy Puppy has taken the internet by storm. This wee mutt never smiles, according to his owners. He may wag his tail, but his furry face is fixed in a permafrown. Earl has his own Facebook page and Instagram account. He’ll soon be grumping through product endorsements, no doubt. Owners of scowly animals work quite the racket these days. The rest of us are in the wrong professions. Grumpy Puppies for all! How could anyone resist this disgruntled little face?

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