Guillotine-On-The-Go With The Zombie Decapitation Slingshot

Jörg Sprave of The Slingshot Channel has built another awesome weapon to add to his collection next to the machete slingshot, the Gatling gun slingshot, the 6-shot slingshot, the slingshot that launches circular saw blades, and the musket ball crossbow.  We’ve been saying for awhile we’re team Sprave when the zombiepocalypse happens, and now he’s given us another reason to hide behind him during a zombie attack.  He’s built a slingshot designed specifically for decapitating zombies and halving watermelons.  THIS IS IMPORTANT.

He calls it the “world’s first handheld guillotine” and adds, “This video is not entirely meant serious, and please, don’t do this at home.”  Yeah, definitely don’t do this at home, especially not the part where he put his own head in it and I almost crapped my pants till I noticed it wasn’t cocked and loaded at the time.  He built this decapitation machine after receiving an “indirect challenge” from If this is how he responds to an indirect challenge I’d like to see what he does about a direct one.  Many watermelons will perish that fateful day.

[Hat tip and half a watermelon to Buzzfeed.]