Gundog Saves Christmas, Should Team Up With RoboCop

39 Degrees North‘s GUNDOG is a short film in the vein of ’80s action movies like RoboCop, Lethal Weapon, Die Hard, and Die Harder, except there’s a police dog who’s been rebuilt with a gun on his head. Which is exactly what all those movies were missing. The short is written and directed by Ben Foster — who also plays the obligatory German villain trying to destroy Christmas — and stars James Oliver as Kowolski and Zai Zai as GUNDOG. I lost count of how many action movie tropes they parodied right around the time the dog started hitting the sauce. He can’t help it. He just misses Lisa so much. You’re tearing him apart, Lisa!

Yeah, I could be covering some serious news right now, but come on. There’s a GUNDOG, and he saves Christmas. Look into your hearts. You know I made the right choice.

[Hat tip and a NICE sandwich to TheAwesomer.]