There’s Only One Big Late Night Talk Show Not Going Dark During The WGA Strike, And Of Course It’s On Fox News

The Writers Guild of America began their strike on Tuesday. While the effects on the movie industry won’t be felt for a while, for TV the change was all but instantaneous. One late night chat show after another announced they were going on hiatus, meaning starting that night their respective networks will air reruns. (SNL, too, had to drop this weekend’s episode featuring returning vet Pete Davidson.) But there is one such show that won’t go dark for the foreseeable future, and of course it’s on Fox News.

As per The Wrap, Gutfeld!, the more comedy-oriented conservative show that airs on Fox News’ 11pm slot, will not be sending its entire staff home. The reason? Because its writing staff are not members of the WGA. Therefore they won’t have to go out and picket for better pay and the other demands laid out by the guild.

The show, hosted by The Five cast member Greg Gutfeld (who’s also likely the only Fox News on-air talent who digs indie rock and Gwar), is actually one of late night’s biggest draws, and the only one that doesn’t regularly go after the 45th president and cronies.

But there is one chat show featuring mostly progressive hosts that will remain on air, just not during the late night hours: The View will continue taping, albeit without its writing staff, prompting Whoopi Goldberg to joke that their banter will be a little less funny until all is resolved.

(Via The Wrap)