This Guy Somehow Woke Up In The Wrong House, And His Reaction Is Hilarious

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This video of a dude waking up in the wrong house is remarkable for several reasons. For one thing, the guy behind the camera is unbelievably relaxed about the situation. If most people discovered some weird guy sleeping in their bed, they’d quickly dial 911 instead of grabbing a selfie stick. To be fair, this amateur cameraman did not grab a stick, but he did decide to record the mysterious guest sleeping in his bed.

One other odd aspect of this video lies in the mutually calm reaction of the guest after he fully wakes up and realizes what has happened. Now, what did happen is still unclear. Did the guy stumble into a random home while drunk? Nope. The guest claims he used to live in the same house. A commenter on Reddit attempts to bring reality to the table:

“I’ve done this. Just moved at college, decided to go out to the bar that is famous for strong cheap drinks. Blacked out and next thing I remember is sitting in a cop car on my old street. Guess the people who moved in there left the door unlocked and I walked in to where my old room was and went to sleep. They ended up just letting me walk home that night, but I was scared sh*tless they were going to arrest me.”

Indeed, most people who either “sleepwalked” or drunkenly fell asleep in someone else’s house would end up in the drunk tank. Here’s one more question — does anyone lock their doors anymore?

(Via Reddit)

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