In Which Hannibal Buress Reviews A Cracker Barrel In Georgia Where He Bought A Keyboard For $20

When we last checked in with roving internet food critic/Bill Cosby’s worst nightmare Hannibal Buress, he was ripping Lamb’s Creek Food and Spirits in Mansfield, PA to shreds for only providing one celery stalk with an order of wings, among other things. Now he’s back with another review, this time of venerable American roadside institution, Cracker Barrel.

“Cracker Barrel is the Tim Duncan of chain restaurants,” said Buress. “A consistent superstar that is boring, efficient, and underrated.”

Additionally, Buress bought a keyboard for $20 in the Cracker Barrel gift shop.

Personally, I’m firmly anti-Cracker Barrel and pro-Waffle House, just in case you were wondering. Team #smothered&covered.