Why Are ‘Harry Potter’ Fans Leaving Secret Notes For Future Readers?

Pay It Forward never caught on as a movie, because it was missing one key ingredient: WIZARDS. The Harry Potter fan community, which has pitched J.K. Rowling-endorsed theories and figured out how much it would cost to attend Hogwarts, is inviting everyone to #PotterItForward, encouraging old readers to leave handwritten notes within the pages of Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone and the rest of the book series to new readers.

Librarians and Barnes & Noble employees everywhere are thrilled.

The campaign, headed by MuggleNet, “the world’s #1 Harry Potter site” (DobbyNudes.com is a close number two), was launched so that one generation could explain to another what the books meant to them. There are many reassuring “these got me through a bad time” letters, all of which should’ve been written using quills and ink, for accuracy’s sake. Hopefully this trend catches on, and people start leaving notes in DVD cases at video stores (assuming they still exist). I would be honored to open a copy of Road House and see a letter reading, “I boned to the throat-rip scene.”

Patrick Swayze — and, by proxy, that horndog Ron Weasley — would be proud.