These He-Man GIFs Will Give Your Tuesday The Power

We’ve just finished Memorial Day, we’re all back at work, and we all need a boost. So, here’s a sweaty bodybuilder in a loincloth. Wait, that came out wrong.

He-Man is actually enjoying a resurgence. On the heels of the popular miniseries written by Keith Giffen, he’s getting his own ongoing comic from DC, as well as the chance to kick Superman’s butt this August in a six-issue crossover miniseries. And there are renewed rumors of a movie in the works with perhaps a bit more of a budget than the… limited live-action flick starring that guy from Star Trek: Voyager and one of the women from Friends.

It’s actually a little surprising what’s popular when it comes to He-Man. Obviously, the infamous “What’s Goin’ On?” video is pretty much completely inescapable in GIF form. But also, a lot of people seem to be obsessed with Skeletor, to the point that the airbrushed image of him as Jesus, complete with his staff as part of the sacred heart, pops up constantly. Which also makes you wonder if people aren’t praying to Skeletor, which seems questionable in light of the dude’s inability to get any sort of result beyond getting his ass kicked by the worst secret identity in pop cultural history.

Either way, it’s a beloved part of our collective childhood… and thus there are the GIFs to match.

Oh, He-Man, didn’t you see your own PSA?