He-Man Out of Development Hell?

I have to confess something here: I’ve got a great affection for the live-acton He-Man movie. It’s not perfect, and in fact it was an extremely troubled production, but the director showed a lot of skill at stretching a buck without making it obvious that’s precisely what he was doing, and the acting is actually pretty solid, especially Frank Langella’s hilarious Skeletor.

That said, I can’t say the news that Sony is trying to bring “Masters of the Universe” to the big screen again is either A) a shock or B) something I’m worried is going to ruin my childhood. In fact, the butthurt going around the Internet about this kind of baffles me. Seriously, go to YouTube or Hulu or Netflix, all three have the show, and watch an episode. Just pick one at random.

Even with the heaviest nostalgia filter, you’ve got to admit: there’s nowhere to go but up.

[ via the men-at-arms at Topless Robot ]