‘Hellraid’ Looks A Lot Like Hexen In Its First Trailer

It’s been a while since we’ve had a high-fantasy first-person shooter, so Hellraid is stepping up. No, Skyrim does not count, it’s an RPG. This, on the other hand, seems to be a straight-up hack-and-slash game.

Honestly, it actually feels quite a bit like a graphical update of Hexen in some respects, especially that fire-throwing scepter. And we’re hardly alone in that particular assessment, as pretty much everybody on the YouTube video weighed in with the exact same observation.

We’re not sure what it says about our mental capacity that we had the same thought as YouTube commenters.

Anyway, the trailers not bad. Here, see for yourself:

The main concern here is really the first-person melee combat, since apparently the game will be heavy on the hack and slash. It’s hard to do first-person melee right and a lot of players might wind up just setting things on fire in the first place anyway, because who doesn’t start a video game and immediately start trying to commit arson?

Hellraid is out later this year.