Here Are 100 Fake Names That You Can Use To Go On The Lam

It’s been a long time since I put together a list of 100 fake names. Let’s remedy that immediately. As always, these are yours to use however you please: for a character in your screenplay, to check into a hotel, to name a pet or an actual human baby, whatever you want. Personally, I choose to believe you’ll use one of them to start a new life in a quiet seaside town after faking your own death. That would make me happy.

Away we go.

For men:

Vic Doubloon
Leroy Cocksman
Sword Williams
Biscuits Galore
Bo Dogs
Aristotle Croissant
Ned Eleven
Lefty Tornado
Jam Lazarus
Benji Dracula
Ghengis Fitzpatrick
Scooter Tootz
Tommy Goulash
Mortimer Disco
Dr. Red Dinoblades
Rick Stick
Callaway Bentley
Doc Liberty
Randy Pulverize
Jaxx Barcelona
Joey Zebra
Pierre Sousaphone
Trent Birthday
Hunter Clink
Dr. Wink Sandstorm
Quincy Bazooka
Bozz Maroon
Kirk Antigua
Nicky Tarantula
Scooter Fungo
Reverend Bobo Maximus
Kelvin Fahrenheit
Willy Magnum
Felix Cancun
Zipp Chesterfield
Buster Lazenby
Bosco Chernobyl
Leviticus Flume
Rodney Caracas
Gurd Mabloon
Bernie Buckets
Pierre Hackeysack
Dabney Whistleblower
Frank Tokyo
Velvet Caruthers
Chester Chesterfield
Casanova Wildfire
Elliot Vape
Razz Kerplop
Lancaster Von Amsterdam

For women:

Alexandra Power
Sally Jorts
Felicity Cosmos
Jenny Thousands
Sasha Waves
Gwendolyn Norway
Lizzy Tomahawk
Gloria Peoria
Lizz Coconut
Veronica St. Montecarlo
Chelsea Spectacular
Nika Kaboom
Natasha Lawless
Tanya Shiraz
Ramada Sheraton
Special Agent Debra Quest
Jill Boondoggle
Tampa St. Petersburg
Bella Honeypot
Leslie Shiraz
Jacqueline Clooney-Durst
Gail Shreddz
Peggy Telluride
Professor Jasmine Spiders
Cookie Dynamo
Darla Frankfurter
Kelly Baltimore
Reba Diamond
Alexa Boomgun
Jo Crayons
District Attorney Melanie Bodacious
Denise Winklevoss (“No relation”)
Panda Malibu
Ricki Parachute
Greta Balloon
Tatiana Dragonfly
Leah Hibachi
Lacey Diamondcastle
Edna Quacks
Janet Rockledge
Suzy Champion
Tina Cleveland
Ronni Thunder
Blanche Baccarat
Dr. Dina Mango
Roz Nightshade
Evelyn Supreme
Fancy Neptune
Dixie Exacto