Here’s A Crocodile Wrapped In Bacon And Stuffed With A Roasted Chicken

This ridiculous photo found its way into my Twitter feed about an hour ago and I haven’t stopped thinking about it since. It comes to us from Australia, according to the source of the photo (@alixmcalpine), and it is basically what it looks like – a crocodile wrapped in bacon being grilled with a roasted chicken in its mouth. At least I assume it’s a crocodile since this is apparently in Australia, but it looks more like an alligator, so I’m really confused over all of this. I can’t ever tell the difference between the two, because even when I see a photo of one, I run away and leave a cloud in the shape of my body behind.

Either way, I guess the biggest question I have about this bizarre-yet-amazing image is where on Earth can I try to eat this entire thing immediately? Holy crap, this thing is awesome and is only somewhat less terrifying than the Cthuken. That thing still haunts me.

(Shout out to the second coolest A. Burns)