Here’s A Guy Getting Attacked By A Rabid Bat During A Campground Jam Session

A group of friends were camping in Clackamas County, Oregon last weekend when a man named Derrick Skou was attacked by a bat that bit him on the neck in the middle of a jam session. And it wasn’t that the bat didn’t care for Skou and his hippie music, but that it was actually rabid. Yikes. Although to be fair it probably didn’t love the music either. Damn hippies.

Skou spoke to Oregon’s KATU2 about the incident:

“Something hit me. I was concentrating on staying in time and all that and it hit me here and I kind of saw something out of my peripheral vision. And then it’s there and then it just bit me,” Skou said.

“It was like a cold dog nose,” Skou said as he described his brief encounter with the bat. “It was a cold bat nose, mouth, whatever. It didn’t sting. I wasn’t injected with anything. It was just a cold bite.”

After attacking him the first time, the bat went up in a tree where it continued to try to swoop down and attack again, at which point Skou and his friends made the wise decision to end it with a BB gun. After bringing the dead bat to health officials they confirmed that it was indeed rabid, and Skou is in the process of getting shots to prevent rabies infection.

NOPE. This is exactly why I don’t camp. You can stay in a nice hotel in civilization with room service or sleep on the ground and poop in a hole surrounded by rabid bitey things that want to kill you. To my dying day I’ll never understand the mindset of people who are like, I’ll take the hole pooping and rabies, please and thank you.