Here’s A Picture Of A Pizza Shop Owner Hugging And Lifting Barack Obama In The Air

The context: Barack Obama stopped by Big Apple Pizza in Ft. Pierce, Florida today (“the best strombolie in town”). After watching the President win a lively match of video stickball and listening to a rant about Eli Manning’s poor performance against the Cowboys on Thursday, because Big Apple, owner Scott Van Duzer hugged the leader of the free world and lifted him in the air. Were it not for that Tebow jersey in the background, Van Duzer would officially be my favorite small business owner wearing gym shorts and sneakers to lift a president while surrounded by reporters and old ladies in sandals. He’s currently #17 on that list.

Meanwhile, in Ohio…

Looks like Biden’s got the biker gang vote locked down, which is also where he later went on that lady lane splitter. “Troll” looks none too pleased.