Here’s A Video Of Conan O’Brien Not Getting Minecraft

I’ve been playing video games pretty much non-stop since the early 80s and I really don’t get the appeal of Minecraft. If I don’t really get it, what chance does non-gamer Conan O’Brien have?

Conan’s been doing a series of “Clueless Gamer” videos, in which he, as the titular Clueless Gamer, reviews video games. Most of the games he’s reviewed have been motion-controlled games that he can have fun flailing around to, but then he made the mistake of asking his audience what game he should play. They chose Minecraft. He didn’t get it. His main takeaways were that the graphics weren’t very good and that it didn’t seem like he was doing/achieving anything. I’m with ya buddy.

Hit the jump to watch Conan not get Minecraft in a very funny manner…


Hey, and as a bonus, here’s Conan reviewing Kinect Star Wars. Sadly no dancing game featured.


via Geekosystem & Team Coco