Here's A Video Of Giggling Norwegians Stalking A Moose With A Remote Controlled Quadcopter

Get ready for some steamy moose candids…

Have you ever wondered what they do for fun in Norway? Probably not, but come on, play along. Well, the Norwegians in this video attached a camera to a remote controlled quadcopter (a quadcopter is a helicopter with four propellers, which, obviously, makes it four times as cool) and got SUPER DELIGHTED when it attracted the attention of a wandering moose. So, in other words, Norwegians do exactly what you might expect they do for fun.

Hit the jump for footage of one confused moose…

Stay vigilant Norwegian moose population — one day it’s just “hobbyists” spying on you for “fun”, next it’s a full-blown moose repressing police state.

via Boing Boing