Here’s Bill Murray Adding To His Legend By Meeting Some Fans While Eating An Ice Cream Cone

I can only assume that Bill Murray could do anything and it would become an event to some folks on the Internet. Take this image that popped up on Reddit with Bill Murray just stopping by an ice cream truck to get himself a cone. It’s the top post.

Luckily he seems like a nice guy and he’s into this sort of thing because I doubt I would ever venture out to get ice cream if it meant being hounded by anyone for a photograph. There’s also the double standard of it all. Bill Murray cleans toilets and he’s a hero. A janitor cleans a toilet and you sh*t on the seat for a laugh.

I do notice that he went with the mix cone and not a solid flavor, leading me to believe he’s indecisive. Also cheap, meaning we’re kindred souls. He’s not the scumbag I would be though, attempting to parlay my fame into a free cone before telling a kid to f*ck off with his camera.

(Via Reddit)