Here’s How You Can Finally Delete Your Viewing History On Netflix

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09.15.14 10 Comments

Once upon a time, I watched half of a Rick James concert film on Netflix at 2 in the morning. Why? Sometimes you want to be Vespucci-esque and explore a place where no one has ever been before; but to fully embrace that adventurous spirit, one needs to know that they will be free of consequences and the cruel mockery that loved ones can hand out when they judge your Netflix Viewing History.

Thankfully, the fine folks at Netflix have recognized this (and, perhaps the fact that they have a lot of embarrassingly bad and amazingly weird stuff available to stream) and they have snapped into action, allowing customers the ability to delete things that they have watched from their viewing history. To do this, simply go to “Viewing Activity” in your profile and click the X next to the offending title to begin living your double life because secrets between loved ones aren’t bad when they involve habitual Heartbeeps viewing.

Fret not parents! This change will not affect accounts that are designated as Kids accounts, allowing you to monitor if your kids are watching too much Rick James: Super Freak Live 1982 or some other kind of objectionable or inappropriate programming.

In this era of social media when it seems like we’re always supposed to tell everyone what we’re watching so we can share that experience, Netflix’s plan is majestically anti-social, allowing us all a bit of shame shade. This is a victory for internet curmudgeons. We should savor this.

Source: Lifehacker

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