Here’s Russell Brand Playing A Perfect Game Of ‘Word Sneak’ With Jimmy Fallon

It is truly hard to find those perfect Tonight Show games, the kind that can mesh with a guest’s personality and create some nice TV. Most nights I’m stuck trying to scramble for something positive to say when Jimmy Fallon takes his guests through some sort of weird maze or has them play zero gravity beer pong . Then there are nights like tonight when Russell Brand gets a chance to play word sneak.

If there is one thing that Brand loves to do in this world, it’s talk. He talks a mile a minute and blends words together like a mad man. I like when he likens the game to being “trapped in a prison with language.” No real reason, I just like the way it sounds. I’m sure Brand likes the way it sounds too, mostly because he said it.

Later he paused for a web exclusive backstage and gave some unqualified advice to any poor soul willing enough to send a question to the show. It is worth a look if you’re looking for a tattoo idea for your parents or want to learn the mysteries behind shoes. Spot on.

(Via The Tonight Show)