Here’s Your Definitive Guide To The Average Age Of Every ‘SNL’ Cast Since 1975

Will this news end that decade-long fight you’ve been having with your roommate over which Saturday Night Live cast was the funniest in the history of the show? Probably not. But a new chart courtesy of Splitsider contributor Ramsey Ess should put to rest any argument over which cast pulled in the biggest numbers — no, not ratings, we’re talking grey hairs here.

Since SNL debuted back in the stone ages (that’s 1975 for you millennials) the show’s been a launching pad for rising comedy stars. Everyone from Seth Meyers to John Belushi, Tina Fey, Eddie Murphy, Chris Farley, Molly Shannon and Will Ferrell got their start uttering that famous tagline: “Live from New York, it’s Saturday Night.” They’re legends now, but they were just babies when Lorne Michaels dug them out of obscurity and gave them their 15 minutes. Murphy was the youngest member of the youngest cast from ’81-’84 and Meyers ended his run as the veteran of the youngest cast since 1986.

But our hats go off to Mr. Darrell Hammond who, for 14 years, kept those young whippersnappers in line as the oldest member on the show.

Take a look at the full chart below.

Via Splitsider