Here’s Your Introduction To ‘The Elder Scrolls’ In MMO Form

Earlier this year it was announced that Bethesda had finally summoned the balls to take on Blizzard’s World of Warcraft juggernaut with The Elder Scrolls Online. The most popular RPG series in the world going MMO while the battered and very tired Warcraft releases ridiculous panda expansions? Big news to say the least, and yet we haven’t seen or heard much about the game since its announcement.

That changes now! Hit the jump for a meaty, nearly 10-minute introduction to The Elder Scrolls Online…

Well, it certainly looks nicer than your average MMO. That fire-skeleton near the end was fairly badass. As for gameplay, I dunno. I don’t do MMOs. Looks pretty standard to me. MMO players — does this actually look fun? Does talk of “shards” and “mega servers” and whatnot mean anything to you?

Fans of the single player Elder Scrolls games — are you going to give this a shot? Does it seem like this game is carrying on the spirit of Skyrim and the rest? Let your opinion be heard in the comments.

via Kotaku