Herman Cain’s Zombie Twitter Account Claims That COVID-19 Isn’t Very Deadly (After He Died From The Virus)

After attending Donald Trump’s infamous mask-free rally in Oklahoma, Herman Cain landed in the hospital where he died a month later from the coronavirus. Despite conspiracy theories to the contrary, Cain’s official cause of death was COVID-19, not cancer, which the former presidential candidate battled in 2006. So with that information in mind, Twitter users were very surprised on Sunday when Cain’s account tweeted a now-deleted claim that the novel coronavirus really isn’t that deadly.

“It looks like the virus is not as deadly as the mainstream media first made it out to be,” the account tweeted before linking to an article from the conservative outlet the Western Journal. As for how a dead man’s account is still tweeting, it’s now being used by family members and a social media team.

You can see the tweet below:

Obviously, claiming the coronavirus isn’t that deadly is a bold claim from an account whose previous owner literally died of the coronavirus. The reaction tweets practically wrote themselves.

Others flagged the tweet for risking public safety and putting lives at risk. Not to mention, the questionable practice of allowing a verified Twitter account to continue to tweet despite the fact that its original owner is deceased.

Despite deleting the offending tweet after it kicked off a social media feeding frenzy, it didn’t take long for Cain’s account to return to downplaying the pandemic.

Of course, there is one possibility to consider courtesy of Patton Oswalt, and the way 2020 has been going, we probably shouldn’t rule it out.

Would anyone really be surprised if zombies are a thing now? Be honest.