Herman Cain Is Just Trolling Us All

10.25.11 7 Comments

It’s been speculated by some that former Godfather’s Pizza CEO Herman Cain is running for president not because he wants to be president, but because he wants to be get his own Fox News show and a multi-million dollar book deal, ala Sarah Palin. If the web ad that went viral last night — which was shot on an iPhone and features Cain’s campaign manager Mark Block taking a long, slow drag on a cigarette followed by Cain busting out his best trollgaze — is any indication, those aforementioned speculators are probably right and the current Republican party frontrunner is just trolling us all.

When I first watched it, I had no idea what was going on when the spot hit the :40 mark — the precise point where Block busts out a cancer stick and the chorus for “I Am America” kicks in, but I was sure that I was watching either the greatest political campaign ad of all time, or the worst (Cain was once a lobbyist for the tobacco industry). But then the Cain trollgaze kicked in and suddenly I knew — Herman Cain was speaking to me.

Below’s a video of the ad’s highlight moment repeated over and over. And of course there’s already a Fake Mark Block Twitter account.

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