Watch The Hero Toddler Who Rescued His Twin Brother From Under A Dresser Wreak Havoc On CNN

Being the parent of a toddler is exhausting enough as it is, so many of us can’t even begin to imagine being the parents of twin toddlers. Double your pleasure, double your living hell on earth. Case in point, a video went viral earlier this week that was posted to YouTube by the mother of twin two-year-old boys, which showed nanny cam footage of her sons climbing up their dresser, toppling it over, and then one boy heroically lifting the piece of furniture enough so that his brother could slide out from underneath.

The video was viewed millions of times and on Wednesday morning CNN’s New Day invited the parents of the twins, Bowdy and Brock, along with their five-year-old brother, to talk about the harrowing ordeal. The twins mother, Kayli Shoff says she made the decision to post the difficult to watch video online to spread awareness to other parents.

Of course, the Shoff family’s visit to New Day wouldn’t be complete without a full demonstration of how they ended up there in the first place, so Bowdy and Brock helpfully proceeded to rain down unholy terror on CNN’s studio, running around and forcing the staff to wrangle them, as you can see in the above video or in CNN producer Christina Manduley’s tweets, below.

Those parents must be incredibly patient, or possibly heavily medicated. Here’s interview segment in its entirety, for all of your birth control needs.

(Via CNN)