Herschel Walker’s Bumbling Response To Yet ANOTHER Accusation That He Funded Abortions Was To Awkwardly Joke That He Didn’t Kill JFK

The GOP has a lot of chaotic candidates out in the field this election season, but one stands above them all: Herschel Walker, the footballer-turned-MAGA senator-wannabe. First, there were his surreal gaffes. Then reporters kept finding secret children he’d kept hidden from the public. Now reporters keep finding women claiming he pressured them into getting an abortion. But even his attempt to joke his way out of another allegation was predictably weird.

On Wednesday, a second woman came forward, claiming that in the ‘90s, Walker had gone so far as to drive her to a clinic after her first attempt to get an abortion ended with her leaving in a panic. Faced with yet another abortion allegation — while running on a fervently anti-abortion platform — Walker called the latest allegation “foolishness” and accused Democrats of “doing and saying anything they can” to win the Georgia Senate seat for incumbent Raphael Warnock.

He also quipped, “I didn’t kill JFK either.” Why JFK? Perhaps it was a reference to the former president who endorsed him accusing Ted Cruz’s dad of doing just that.

Well, at least Lindsey Graham laughed. Joining Walker at the outdoor presser, the longtime South Carolina senator also charged the lectern, lashing out at what he saw was a conspiracy theory perpetrated by Democrats.

“I’ve seen this movie before, folks,” Graham railed, then compared it to now-Supreme Court justice Brett Kavanaugh being credibly accused of sexual misconduct, which the GOP did their best to sweep under the rug. He then advised Walker to get a “celebrity lawyer,” not to defend himself against “salacious” allegations, but to…knowingly lodge false allegations against Democrats the next time they try to fill a vacating Supreme Court seat.

Earlier this month, a former girlfriend of Walker’s accused him of paying for an abortion he insisted she get. She even produced literal receipts, as well as a “Get Well” card. Walker denied the allegations, only for one of his sons to turn on him, all but confirming the story to be true. (The same woman also claimed she had a child with him.)

Walker’s latest accuser, pointedly identifying herself as “Jane Doe,” claims Walker told her to get an abortion, but when she went to a clinic, she lost her nerve and went home. Walker, she says, was unmoved, and drove her back to the clinic, and waited for her in the parking lot until the procedure was finished. He then allegedly drove her to a pharmacy to get medication.

(Via The Daily Beast)