Hey Kids Of The ’90s, You Can Now Play 2,400 MS-DOS Games For Free In Your Browser

01.06.15 5 years ago 25 Comments

Old MS-DOS games are easily some of the most neglected classic titles out there. Oh sure, a few old PC games like Doom or SimCity are still remembered today, but most have sort of faded into the fog of time, even though we all spent countless hours playing them.

Well, get ready for a potent nostalgia blast, because The Internet Archive has just put up a massive collection of old MS-DOS games that you can play directly in your browser. No need to set up DOSBox or find and install any files, just click and play everything from Duke Nukem 3D, to Lost Vikings to Oregon Trail. Based on my browsing there’s also things called ANAL – The Rectum Adventure and Tongue of the Fatman, so uh, yeah, browsing the Internet at work is about to become a lot fun is what I’m saying.

You can check out The Internet Archive’s MS-DOS collection right here, and feel free to share your memories of the golden age of PC gaming below. Unfortunately I won’t be able to reply because I’ll be busy playing Island of Doctor Brain.

via AV Club

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