Hilarious Brent Spiner Convention Videos

08.31.11 8 years ago

People tend to think of Brent Spiner as an emotionless android, but his background is in comedy doing appearances on shows like “Night Court”. So it’s no surprise that his convention appearances are more like stand up comedy routines than your typical Q&A. We all saw Spiner imitate Patrick Stewart, twice, but that is really just the beginning.
It doesn’t hurt that the cast seems to love palling around and seem to have done so many conventions that playing with the audience is second nature. Check out Spiner doing what he does best, imitating Lore.

Jonathon Frakes acts like a clueless fan and quizzes Brent Spiner and Michael Dorn

Brent Spiner Crashes Patrick Stewart’s Panel

Brent Spiner Berates a Fan for Asking a Stupid Question (first minute)

How stupid was Spot?

Is it annoying when people call you Data? (Starts at 4:28)

Brent Spiner Imitates Patrick Stewart Again

Brent Spiner Hits on a Fan and Gets Asked Out (Stars at 4:30)

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