The Most Hilarious Responses To Donald Trump’s #AskTrump Twitter Q&A

Donald Trump stopped by Twitter’s New York City headquarters on Monday to sit down and answer user-submitted questions on camera, and because Donald Trump has an ego the size of a theoretical wall that would separate us from the entire country of Mexico, somehow, it never occurred to him that maybe this wasn’t the most spectacular idea. Then again, Donald Trump probably still doesn’t know that this wasn’t the most spectacular idea, because the dozen or so questions he did answer — mostly softballs along the lines of “what would you do as your first day as president” and “what is the key to success in business” — were all likely cherry-picked by Twitter’s staff.

However, the majority of the questions were much more along the lines of what you’d expect from a Donald Trump Twitter Q&A, in that they were laced with the ridicule and mockery that Trump so deservedly commands. Here are some of our favorites: